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I'm Tavia Meredith, and I'm a Developer Marketing Program Manager at Google Cloud. Throughout my career, the user has always been important. I started out my career as a community manager for a gaming company and then a few companies later I was managing a user group.


I’m Heather McCormick and I’m the Global Product Marketing Manager at Google Cloud. We're focused on training and certification campaigns and programs, but we sit within developer marketing overall, so we care deeply about our developer community.

At Google Marketing, we talk about knowing the user, knowing the magic, and connecting the two. We know our users, developers, and technical practitioners who use our Google Cloud products every day, so we get to tell them a little bit about the magic of our products.

The training and certification programs and campaigns we provide help our users know how to learn about our products, how to use them better in their organizations, or find jobs where they can use our products.


Heather and I work very closely together on all things developer marketing for Google Cloud. She brings together product marketing excellence and campaign leadership, and I provide support by building online experiences for developers through online events, webinars, live trainings, and videos.

Between the two of us, we're going to talk about:

  • The importance of an education-first strategy
  • Where the current market is and where it needs to head
  • One of our biggest launches in the last year, Google Cloud Skills Boost
  • The evergreen campaigns and programs we've been running to keep the drumbeat rolling
  • How developer training leads to adoption