Developer Marketing

To market to developers, you need to think like a developer.

Developer Marketing Alliance was founded to help individuals and organizations do just that. With a typical developer persona being more analytical, apprehensive of typical advertising and sales tactics, traditional methods of B2B and consumer marketing don’t work well with a developer audience.

While there is a good deal of inspo out there for those working in developer relations, and developer relations and developer marketing are certainly linked, they are two distinct roles with different information needs.

We fill that gap as the only dedicated community that’s specific to developer marketing – helping you to drill into the tactics and mindset required to effectively market APIs to software developers.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide content, resources, and a community for those working within this niche of marketing, to help them better tap into the details of their developer persona and end customer, and find the balance between education and effective promotion.

Everything is in one place: original content, a community, events, reports, courses. We offer an unrivaled and completely independent resource for developer marketers to develop, learn and grow with their peers.

Why not join us?

What we do

  • Our blog’s regularly updated with awesome info from our in-house experts and you - our incredible community contributors (if you want to contribute something, find out how here).
  • Our community is the perfect place for developer marketers around the world to meet and connect. Whether you’re just starting or you lead your own team, this is where you can share ideas, ask questions, network, and much more.
  • Our podcasts (which are coming soon!) are ideal for learning new tips and tricks from experts, straight from the source. Just tune in and relax.
  • Our AMAs (also coming soon!) is the ideal platform to put questions to experts and get their answers.
  • Our events help developer marketers around the world share knowledge and network.

We’re proudly part of The Alliance umbrella.

The Alliance is the world’s most forward-thinking professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals worldwide.

Through market-leading accredited courses, unrivaled membership plans, industry-shaping reports, thriving communities, and first-class events, it’s redefining the way companies access education and scale.

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