State of Developer Marketing 2022 Report

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The State of Developer Marketing 2022 Report has arrived – and it’s a knockout.

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In this report, you’ll get a bird's eye view of the current developer marketing landscape, from the marketing resources available to your peers, to commonly seen developer pain points and developer community insights.

It’s packed with stats and facts like these:

💸 26.7% of developer marketers have a budget of between $101,000 – $250,000.

📩 The core responsibility of our respondents is product positioning and messaging (80%).

🗣️ The three most popular places to find developers are social media (31.2%), community groups (31.2%), and via search engines (25%).

This is just a sneak peek of what you’re getting when you download the report!

With this exposé, we’re lifting the veil on everything developer marketing to give you a better understanding of how the puzzle pieces fit together.

So, what’s in the report?

After surveying over 140 developer marketers, we found a treasure trove of information that truly puts the industry under the microscope.

You can expect findings that cover:

🧱 Roles and responsibilities

📊 Developer marketing KPIs

🧗 Highlights and challenges

💰 Developer marketing budgets

✅ The value of developer marketing

📝 Essential developer marketing skills

💡 Developer marketing tips

➕ And more!

Use this report to improve your processes, learn from industry experts, get actionable tips, and walk away with ideas you can apply in your role.