Looking for a developer relations job? A way to navigate the DevRel job market? The field of developer relations is varied and rewarding, with plenty of meaningful roles to choose from – and many opportunities for professional development.

So, in this article, we’re taking a closer look at developer relations jobs, including how to get your foot in the door:

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The challenges of getting a job in DevRel

Finding a role in developer relations can be both fulfilling and challenging. Here are some of the things to consider when searching for a DevRel job:


It can be tough to get a job in developer relations because there’s high demand for certain roles, like DevRel Engineer and Developer Advocate. However, don’t let this put you off, as it’s more than possible for you to get your dream job!

Skills requirement

Developer relations jobs require a combination of technical, communication, and marketing skills, which can be a challenge for some.


Candidates often need experience in software development, technical writing, and community management.

Established network

A key requirement for some employers is an already established network that DevRels can tap into (i.e., developer communities). This can take a long time to develop, especially if you’re changing careers, but, if you’re able to achieve it, you‘ll have a competitive edge when it comes to getting hired.

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Many developer relations jobs require you to be adaptable and flexible, as the role and responsibilities can evolve over time.

Data-driven approach

More often than not, companies need DevRels to know how to use data and metrics to measure the success of their campaigns, programs, and initiatives.

Balancing technical and interpersonal skills

Working in developer relations means having to balance your technical skills with your interpersonal and community skills, since the roles often require a little bit of everything – this is why DevRel experts are considered the ‘Swiss army knife’ of developer marketing!

Understand the developer audience

This is a big one (and it can be easier if you already work with developers). Being able to understand your target audience, including their needs and pain points, is crucial to be successful in DevRel.

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Choose the right developer relations job for you

Do you know which DevRel role you really want to do? There are many types of developer relations jobs to choose from and, while they share a lot of similarities, they can also be very different.

Ask yourself a few questions to narrow down your choices, such as:

  • Does the company’s mission and values align with yours?
  • Do you have the necessary level of expertise for a particular role?
  • Does the company provide growth and advancement opportunities in DevRel?
  • Does the team culture fit your personality?
  • Are you passionate about the org’s products and can you represent it to developers?
  • Does the role allow you to have an impact on the developer community?
  • Which tasks will you have to perform? And are you comfortable with them?
  • Does the role allow for remote work from home and/or hybrid working?

Do I need to be a developer to work in DevRel?

It depends. Some roles require you to have extensive technical knowledge, while others are heavier on marketing or communication skills.

Consider the type of company you’re thinking of joining (and what they want from their developer relations team/department), your knowledge and skills and what you can do for your employer (and for the developer community), the nature of the role itself, etc.

But why is it important to have technical knowledge? Developers tend to trust their peers over others, so coding and programming skills could boost your credibility with them. You may also need to explain a product in great detail to developers, including the code itself, so understanding what you’re talking about is critical.

If you’re a developer advocate for a low-code tool, you may not need to develop your technical skills in-depth, though it’s always advisable to have some sort of base knowledge.

Remember: developers appreciate those who can speak their language!

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7 essentials to get a developer relations job

Here are just some of the ways you can get your dream job and build a career in developer relations.

1. Build your skills

Focus on the skills needed for the type of DevRel job you’re looking for. Some, however, tend to be critical, such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Public speaking
  • Technical writing
  • Event organizing
  • Independence and initiative
  • Project management skills
  • Creativity
  • Analytical skills

Make sure your knowledge and expertise are always up to date!

2. Have empathy

This means understanding the perspective of your target audience, as well as the challenges developers face, and being able to communicate with them efficiently.

3. Be flexible

DevRels have to be flexible because they need to have their fingers in a lot of pies. From developer communities to company stakeholders, you must be able to get your message across in a clear way, so that it resonates with your different audiences.

You might even have to educate people on what your role actually is – despite the fact that developer relations isn’t exactly a new field, it’s still growing and there are many people who aren’t sure what it means.

You must also be a jack of all trades, as you can probably tell by the many recommended skills.

4. Network and forge relationships

Whether you’re networking at events or within the dev community, or attending conferences and hackathons, you should strive to build strong relationships with developers. This is true for the virtual space too – engage with developers on social media and other spots they hang out in, make the most of your developer community, etc.

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5. Create a strong online presence

Stand out from the crowd by creating a strong online presence – this can be on LinkedIn or other online spaces, as long as it allows you to display your skills and know-how. In essence, increase your brand awareness and visibility!

6. Show your expertise

Speaking of which, you should showcase your skills and knowledge as much as possible, be it by creating a portfolio of projects you’ve worked on, writing technical blogs, giving talks at events, or contributing to open-source communities.

7. Get a mentor

Maybe not a must-have essential, but you might consider seeking mentorship in order to receive guidance, advice, and support as you grow in your DevRel career. This can save you a lot of trial and error!

Where to search for DevRel jobs?

Okay, so you’ve built your skills, boosted your online profile, forged relationships with the dev community, and more – where can you actually find your perfect developer relations job?

Job boards

The first obvious choice is to comb through job boards like Indeed and check their DevRel sections. Filter by keyword, location, company size, etc.


Sometimes, the company (or, in this case, a recruiter) comes to you! You might be approached on LinkedIn with an offer for a job interview, for example, which really showcases the importance of building your online presence and portfolio.

Social media

Developer relations jobs may also be announced on social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and even Slack communities.

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Professionals associations

Joining associations or networks can present you with the right job opportunities, since they can post job offers, provide the chance to network with others, and more.

Company websites

If there’s a particular company you’re interested in working for, keep an eye on their website for job openings – many orgs have a page where they post all opportunities, so it doesn’t hurt to check regularly.


Word of mouth is still incredibly important and many companies hire employees based on another employee’s recommendation. Reach out to your professional connections to let them know you’re on the lookout for a DevRel job; who knows, they might know of an opening or have inside intel that benefits you.

Search with specific keywords

Hunting for the next step in your career could be as simple as typing particular keywords on search engines. Examples include “developer relations jobs”, “developer advocate jobs”, or “DevRel Engineer roles”.


  • Consider the challenges you’re facing when searching for a job in DevRel.
  • Pick the developer relations job that fits you and your values.
  • Decide whether you need coding/programming knowledge.
  • Develop key skills, including communication, technical writing, and organization.
  • Build and expand your professional network.
  • Raise your own brand awareness.
  • Know where to search for your DevRel role.

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