Our in-person summit in San Francisco is almost here. Haven’t got a ticket? What are you waiting for?

We’ve assembled lots of developer marketing masters who’ll be sharing real-world experiences, actionable insights, marketing best practices, and knowledge they’ve built over time.

Not convinced yet? Check out the hottest topics you really can’t miss out on from our speakers (A.K.A., industry leaders from top companies all over the world). 👇

Developer events

That’s right, developer events – especially in-person – are back with a vengeance.

By attending our summit, you can listen to all the wisdom nuggets that Mike Stowe, Director of Developer Marketing at RingCentral, has to give, including:

  • How to maximize ROI while minimizing costs.
  • Building meaningful connections with other attendees and sponsors.
  • How to stay informed about upcoming events and identify opportunities for growth.

Don’t miss out!

Developer relations

DevRel is key when marketing to developers, and our speakers will cover plenty of topics related to engaging developers and forging (and maintaining) strong relationships.

For example, Christie Kristensen, VP of Global Developer Strategy & Business Enablement at Mastercard, and Nikki Stephens, Senior Director of Customer Success at Stack Overflow, will talk about effective tools and DevRel tactics for quickly boosting product awareness, as well as how to engage with target audiences, accelerate adoption, and more.

Jason DeLancey, Senior Manager of Developer Relations at Dolby.io, will lift the lid on how you can create meaningful and sustainable relationships with developers, including the persona attributes that really matter and tips to create messaging for developers and decision-makers.

There’s many more sessions to learn from, so register for the event today to upskill, learn from the pros, and make long-lasting connections.

The Developer Relations Playbook | Download
Discover the power of building rock-solid relationships with developers and take your company to the next level with this must-read guide!

AI and technology

AI is all the rage and it’ll probably continue for a long time. This means marketers must adapt to thrive in the rapidly-changing world of tech.

What better way to do it than by attending a panel discussion about AI and hackathons with heavy-hitters like Brandon Kessler, CEO and Founder of Devpost, Tavia Meredith, Developer Marketing Program Manager at Google Cloud, Chukwuemeka Afigbo, Senior Director of Developer Success at Okta, and Karen Bajza-Terlouw, Developer Relations at Databricks?

If you’d like to learn more about the developer marketing tech stack, you can also look forward to our session with Viraj Mody, CTO and Co-Founder of Common Room, and Kevin White, Head of Marketing and Demand at Common Room.

Get your ticket today so you can be in the room with industry leaders.

Competitive analysis and segmentation

Tye Davis, Technical Marketing Manager at GitLab, will showcase how you can master technical competitive analysis and strategic positioning. You’ll learn how to assess competitive offerings, analyze technical aspects, and position your product strategically.

You’ll also be able to attend a great presentation about the best segmentation strategies – more specifically, how you can transform developer engagement through efficient segmentation tactics.

Hall Hoyt, Head of Developer Community at Niantic, and Nisha Baxi, Head of Digital Customer Success and Community at Gong, will share their insights and success stories so, whether you’re a developer advocate, product marketers, or developer program manager, this session is for you.

The importance of developer advocates
Whether your target audience is engineers or software developers, advocates can help you get the word out about your product. Here, we answer your most commonly asked questions about developer advocacy, so take a look.

Developer content

Learning to create content that resonates with developers is a must for anyone wanting to promote their product to a technical audience, be it technical documentation, articles, or social posts.

In our of our panel sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to join experts like Karl Hughes, CEO at Draft.dev, Ado Kukic, Director of Developer Advocacy at Digital Ocean, Victor Coisne, VP of Marketing at Strapi, and Ansley Dunn, Product Marketing Manager of Edge AI Developer Platform at Intel.

The discussion will center around the best practices for creating and delivering developer-focused content that works, and you’ll benefit from key tactics, tools, and techniques that’ll help you optimize your content strategy.

Developer personas

Another crucial topic is developer personas – after all, learning the characteristics, pain points, and behaviors of different personas can help you to understand how developers approach work, what resonates with them, what motivates them to buy a new product, etc.

Learning straight from the mouth of pros? Invaluable!

This panel talk will see Sirisha Rella, technical Product Marketing Manager at Nvidia, Rohan Vettiankal, Senior Lead of Product Marketing at Salesforce, and Sabrina Hockett, Manager of Community Advocacy and Marketing at Mulesoft give their insights and expertise.

Roundtables galore

If you want to meet your fellow industry professionals, share your insights and know-how, and learn from your peers, you can do so in our roundtables. You’ll break out into groups and tackle challenging topics in interactive discussions.

For example: developer marketing metrics, how to use them effectively, and how to develop a content strategy that resonates with developers.

It’s okay if you don’t have the answer – the point is to discuss this with other developer marketers and get inspired by other points of view!

In short

It’s impossible to name every single topic our speakers will present, but we hope we’ve given you a pretty good taste of what to expect.

For the whole thing, you can read the agenda and make note of the talks you really don’t want to miss!

An event like our in-person Developer Marketing Summit is perfect for everyone who wants to become a master at marketing a product to a developer audience.

What’s more, the opportunity to meet key leaders from top global companies is invaluable, as is networking with them and picking their brains.

So, get your ticket today – and check out what previous attendees have to say about our event: