You can expect several events throughout the year at the Developer Marketing Alliance—both virtual and in-person.

Our Developer Marketing Summits are events where you can learn from the best in the business, connect and network with other developer marketing professionals, get inspired by what you hear, and so much more.

From San Francisco to Boston (and your home), we deliver the latest in developer marketing wherever you may be.

Here are eight reasons why you should attend a summit:

1. Learn from people who’s walked the walk 🚶

With a developer population estimated at 29 million worldwide in 2024, it’s fair to say you don’t want to miss out on marketing to this growing audience.

However, it’s common knowledge that developers are averse to traditional marketing tactics and a dedicated approach is, therefore, needed.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—why not walk the path countless others have walked in before?

Our summits always feature star-studded lineups, with a variety of speakers from companies like Google, Gong, RingCentral, DocuSign, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Stripe, and more.

They hail from all sorts of background; while some started their career as developers, others as marketers, and have since grown to become experts in developer marketing and DevRel.

There’s no better way to stay up-to-date and level up your developer marketing skills than attending a Developer Marketing Alliance Summit and hearing from the best speakers in the industry.

They have their ears to the ground and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise (accumulated after years marketing to developers) with you.

And keeping up with the latest trends and technologies is crucial for creating relevant marketing campaigns that resonate with your developer personas

What’s more, events like these also help you to gain a deeper understanding of developer needs, including what they’re looking for, as well as the marketing tactics that work with them. This allows you to tailor your strategies more effectively.

3. Network with your peers 👥

Our summits are great places to meet other developer marketing professionals like yourself, and who share the same struggles, pain points, and concerns as you. Nothing beats being able to talk face-to-face with someone who may have insights and know-how you haven’t thought about before.

Our attendees, who come from all over the world, also target a similar audience, so connecting with your peers means you get the chance to exchange ideas, learn from other people’s perspectives, and even form partnerships.

Whether you’re looking for tips in your current role, eyeing up future opportunities, looking to hire for a developer marketing position, or simply want to make like-minded friends, our summits are exactly what you’re looking for.

And, because The Alliance has an extensive portfolio of communities, you’ll be able to speak with product marketers, revenue operations experts, customer marketing professionals, CMOs, etc.

4. Stay ahead of the competition 🎯

As mentioned above, our events allow you to stay on top of the latest in developer marketing—but why is this so important?

Not only can you future-proof your career, but also give yourself all the chances to succeed.

After all, by learning about the latest marketing strategies and tools before they become mainstream, you can ensure your campaigns stand out and are more impactful.

This proactive approach allows you to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape where capturing the attention of developers is becoming more of a challenge every day.

5. Get actionable insights and takeaways 🧠

Our events are geared towards action—you’ll receive real learnings and solutions you can then take back to your role and company.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll find our summits to be immersive, from keynotes and fireside chats to workshops and panels. These expert-driven conversations are perfect for anyone wanting to take away insights they can action as soon as they go back to work.

Each Developer Marketing Alliance Summit has a unique agenda, covering the most relevant issues and topical pain points you might be facing.

For example:

  • Analyzing the buyer and user persona to accurately segment your audience
  • Building and engaging developer communities to establish lasting advocacy programs
  • Nailing developer education and training programs to increase retention
  • Tracking key metrics and measuring success to prove value and ROI
  • How open-source projects can elevate your brand awareness
  • Integrating competitive intelligence into your developer marketing strategy

And more! Our events are all about sharing knowledge and providing attendees with the opportunity to transform the way they approach developer marketing.

6. Recharge your creativity 🎨

By getting immersed in an environment dedicated to innovation, learning, and creativity helps you to get inspired and come up with new ideas you can try in your role.

Stepping away from the office and interacting with your peers can help you to think differently about a problem you’re facing, give you inspiration for a breakthrough campaign, rejuvenate your current marketing approach, and so much more.

7. Access insights on repeat 🔁

If you were unable to attend a specific talk or presentation, or want to revisit your favorite session, you’ll be happy to know we record everything and make it available ondemand for Pro and Pro+ members.

This means you can watch and rewatch all sessions whenever suits you best, allowing you to take notes at a pace that works for you.

8. Your fellow developer marketers say you should! 🤝

Still unsure whether you should attend? Take a look at what some of your peers have to say about their experience at our events:

“There's been a lot of moments where it's like: ‘Wow, this is one way to look at things that maybe we haven't looked at before’. It’s an opportunity to give back to the team and look at how we drive this through our strategy.But also, thinking about how to improve our learnings and incorporate some of the things that we've learned here.” – Mike Stowe, Director of Developer Marketing at RingCentral
“We got to hear from a lot of different speakers from a lot of different companies. They’re some of the top companies in the industry. And it's been great hearing their perspectives and their stories on how they've managed to promote their communities and their products, it's been very useful and awesome.” – Paul Zimmerman, Manager of Developer Community Engagement at Cisco Systems
“There were several a-ha moments! There was a discussion on events and a couple of things that we've been toying with in terms of closed captioning, and what people are doing and what success they've seen with it.” – Stacey Kruczek, Director of Developer Relations at Aerospike
"The event was amazing. There were so many insightful data points, and thoughts, and frameworks that have been presented." – Christie Kristensen, VP of Global DevRel at Mastercard

Want to attend? All you gotta do is grab your ticket!

Browse our events and snag a front-row seat to amazing developer marketing insights!

You can also sign up for a Developer Marketing Alliance Pro+ membership and get a free ticket to a summit of your choice (not to mention access to our courses and certifications and tons of resources you don’t want to miss out on).

See you soon. 😉