In this article, Gary Gonzalez (Managing Partner, Catchy) and Tom Williams (Head of Consulting, Catchy) provide a roadmap on how to effectively market to developers, and how to measure the results through a data-driven approach.


Data-driven marketing is very buzzwordy. We threw this term into Google a couple of days ago, and it came up with pages and pages of results which were all very broad and a bit too general.

Developer marketing is its own field with its own rules and regulations, so we decided to make an actionable framework that applies to developer marketing programs, and is rooted both in building these programs and in data.

What is the developer marketing flywheel?

At Catchy, we have the good fortune of working across the entire industry with the best and brightest developer marketing programs, which gives us a really interesting horizontal view of what's happening across the industry.

For the core of the framework, we built a flywheel that we think applies to developer marketing programs, and is built around the assumption that you are involved in some aspect of building a developer marketing program.

We wanted to build a flywheel and a framework that enables you to build an end-to-end developer marketing program no matter your experience and no matter where you are in the journey.

Maybe you've been marketing to developers for over a decade, or you’ve never talked to a developer in your life. We think our framework has something for everyone.