Ever attended a Developer Marketing Alliance event? Curious to hear what people have to say about them – and what you can expect from them?

We ensure that all our events, virtual or in-person, are rich in content, provide educational and networking opportunities, and explore a wide range of topics, from developer marketing and developer relations to developer communities and buyer personas.

So, here’s what Paul Zimmerman, Manager of Developer Community Engagement at Cisco Systems, had to say about our latest Developer Marketing Summit in San Francisco. 👇

How was your experience at the Developer Marketing Summit?

“I found a lot of great information. I'm not necessarily in marketing, but I found great information through all the presentations. It's been super useful.”

What are your key takeaways from the event?

“I'm just amazed at how much community and events, and all that stuff, all play into not only marketing, but all the other things that developer relations entails. It’s been very comprehensive.”

What did you like most about the event?

“We got to hear from a lot of different speakers from a lot of different companies. They’re some of the top companies in the industry. And it's been great hearing their perspectives and their stories on how they've managed to promote their communities and their products, it's been very useful and awesome.”

If you had to choose one word to describe the event, what would it be?


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