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Why is it important to define developer personas?

There’s a difference between user personas, buyer personas, ideal customer profiles, and, of course, developer personas. Buyers purchase the product, while users are the ones who actually use it (they’re not always the same person) – ideal customer profiles, or ICPs, refer to companies, not people.

Developer personas represent a subset of devs grouped by common interests, pain points, motivations, and goals. They could be a product’s buyers and/or users, and hail from a variety of backgrounds, job roles, and career experience.

It’s important to define these personas because developers are a varied bunch with many different needs, and understanding them will help your strategies.

And why do I need to track metrics?

Whether it’s product adoption metrics, developer relations metrics, go-to-market (GTM) KPIs developer marketing metrics, community OKRs (objectives and key results), or any other, it’s crucial to track them and measure their impact on your marketing strategies in order to understand what works and what doesn’t. This will help you inform your future campaigns too.

Do you have articles about developer marketing I can read?

Plenty of them! On our blog page, we cover a wide range of topics, from developer marketing tips and tricks to DevRel, communities, GTM strategies, product positioning, and so much more. We also provide comprehensive guides that offer a deep dive into key topics in the industry.

Educating, not selling – what’s that all about?

Developers are a unique audience. While they don’t exactly hate marketing, they’re averse to certain marketing techniques, such as fluffy language and pushy sales tactics. So, telling them about a product’s benefits and providing opportunities for hands-on experimentation will move mountains when compared to being in-your-face when trying to sell them the product.

I’m interested in discussing all things developer marketing with other marketers like me – do you have a space for that?

Our growing Developer Marketing Slack channel is exactly what you’re looking for. There, you’ll find like-minded people passionate about marketing to a technical audience, so you’ll be able to kickstart or join discussions at any time.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to grow your network, learn from other developer marketers and the experience they have to offer, check out job offers, get resources, etc. Join our Slack community today to see for yourself.

So, what does the Developer Marketing Alliance do?

As part of The Alliance, we provide the best professional development platform for high-growth organizations and individuals all over the world.

Because developers tend to be more analytical and averse to sales tactics and traditional marketing methods, we aim to help you market to this technical audience by understanding them better – and thinking like them.

We provide content, resources, and a community for developer marketers and developer relations professionals, so you can learn and grow with your peers. We update our blog page regularly, have a dedicated Slack channel just for you, host events both online and in-person, provide exclusive content and talks by experts, create industry reports, and so much more.

What do I get when I become a member of the Developer Marketing Alliance?

Glad you asked! You get:

  • Tons of support and networking opportunities from our amazing Slack community,
  • Expert talks and sessions OnDemand,
  • Exclusive content from developer marketing pros,
  • Lots of templates and frameworks to make your day-to-day easier,
  • A first peek at our industry research reports,
  • Discounts, and more!

Check out what else you get when you sign up to a Developer Marketing Alliance membership plan.

Where can I grow my skills and knowledge?

Events like our Developer Marketing Summits cover a huge range of topics, from building a developer community strategy and defining user vs buyer personas to tracking key metrics and executing developer-focused GTM strategies.

You also have the opportunity to grow your network and pick the brains of the best developer marketer experts in the world. Take a look at what people are saying about our events straight from the mouths of our attendees!

Another thing to take into account when you’re looking to upgrade your skills is to become certified. So, why not make the most of our courses? For example, the Developer Research Certified: Masters is designed to give your skills a boost and help you think like a developer, so that you can better address their pain points and needs.

Do you perform industry research?

Yes! As a hub for developer marketing content, we’re always up to date with the latest trends and changes to the industry – especially as we get insights and quantitative data from the experts themselves.

Our reports vary from an exposé into the developer marketing landscape to the preferred tools and platforms of pros all over the world (and everything else in between).

Can I contribute content to the Developer Marketing Alliance?

If you’ve got knowledge you’d like to share with other developer marketers, you can contribute an article with us, whether it’s content for newbies or in-depth pieces for industry leaders.

What about podcasts?

In addition, you can also contribute your expertise to our upcoming podcast series! If this interests you, simply message to discuss this option – and help us shine a light on what’s going on at some of the world’s biggest companies and startups.

Do you have any partnership opportunities?

We sure do! When you become a partner, we’ll put your products and services in front of a community that’s passionate about developer marketing, and also provide you with access to a dedicated community of people driven by shared interests, event networking at our virtual spaces, exposure to a range of job roles, etc.

Simply message us at if you’d like to learn more and our team will be more than happy to help with next steps.

Are there any opportunities for advocacy?

We have an ambassador program composed of professionals from all over the world who are committed to helping us achieve our mission. If you’re also interested in becoming an ambassador and contributing to our industry research, offer tips to developer marketers and help them grow their career, speak at our events, and more, this is for you!

Do you have a newsletter?

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