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Product demos are a big deal in software sales. They turn vague product descriptions into real experiences for potential customers, connecting technical details with the practical value of the product.

But how do you achieve that amazing product demo, the one that leaves a lasting impression and clinches the deal? That's where demo software comes into play.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to 10 interactive demo software solutions. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to presales, these solutions promise to change your approach to product demonstrations.

What is interactive demo software?

Interactive demo software is a type of tool built to show the functionality and features of a product. It allows users to explore the product's capabilities through a simulated environment, often featuring guided tours, interactive elements, and demonstrations.

Product demo software is used for sales, marketing, training, or educational purposes, enabling potential users to experience a hands-on and interactive preview of the product before making a decision.

Top features to look for in interactive demo software

  • Personalization: This feature enables customization of the demo content, branding, and user journeys, ensuring that each interaction feels relevant to the target audience.
  • Analytics: The demo software shows you detailed stats on how people use it and how well it performs. This way, you can see which parts of your demo are working the best.
  • Lead generation forms: Adding lead generation forms within your demo allows you to capture prospect information directly from demos as users can submit their details while engaging with the content.
  • Blurring: In some cases, you’ll need to overlay blur effects on product demo areas that contain data that you may want to hide from viewers for confidentiality reasons.
  • Demo templates: Demo templates are pre-designed layouts for various use cases that help you streamline the demo creation process.
  • Multimedia support: It facilitates the integration of videos, images, animations, and interactive elements into your SaaS product demo, making the demo more informative.

The best demo creation platforms

  1. Storylane
  2. Supademo
  3. HowdyGo
  4. Saleo
  5. Tourial
  6. Demostack
  7. Reprise
  8. Navattic
  9. Arcade
  10. Demoboost

1. Storylane: best for interactive guides and personalized demos with flows and checklists

Storylane is an interactive product demo software to create interactive product demos that guide users and generate high-quality leads. Presales teams use Storylane to share personalized demos with their prospects and accelerate their decision-making process.

Storylane features

  • Personalized demo experience: With Stroylane, you can offer each prospect a tailored demo experience with customizable text and image tokens.
  • Browser extension: Storylane offers a browser extension that recreates your product's frontend, tracking every product flow and stitching them together for a seamless user experience. Download the Storylane Chrome browser here.
  • Inline embed: Copy the provided embed code and paste it into your website's HTML. This process enables you to incorporate a demo that automatically appears when visitors load your web page.
  • AI assistant: Storylane AI helps you craft more coherent product narratives for your users and enhances existing demos with a single click, provides translations in over 25 languages, and even adds voiceovers to your demos for a richer user experience.


Storylane has a free plan that’s limited to only 1 demo. Its paid plans start from $50/month for unlimited demos and multiple users.

Learn more about Storylane pricing here.

2. Supademo: best for creating interactive demos and guides with AI

Supademo is a product demo software that allows product marketing and sales teams to create shareable step-by-step product demos. What I like about Supademo is its simplicity in building SaaS product demos that let even non-technical users create beautiful product demonstrations.

Supademo features

  • Branded bundle for self-onboard: You can combine related Supademos into one branded link which is ideal for customers to self-educate and self-onboard at their convenience.
  • Zoom and pan: Allow viewers to zoom in on specific screen areas, helping them focus on details that matter to them.
  • Export to GIF and video: Export your demos for sharing via emails, YouTube, or other channels that don't support embeds.


Supademo also offers a free plan, but unlike Storylane, its free plan comes with 5 demos, which is really great. For unlimited demos, advanced analytics, and custom branding, you’ll have to pay $29/month.

Learn more about Supademo pricing here.

3. HowdyGo: best for demos that offer complete interactivity, personalization, and easy editing

HowdyGo is another demo creation platform to create and share interactive product demos. The good thing about HowdyGo is that it offers complete HTML interactivity, ensuring that the demo exactly mirrors the look of your app. It even records drag-and-drop interactions while preserving scroll, button, and link hover states.

HowdyGo features

  • HTML capture: Record your product's interactive experience by clicking the record button and navigating through the desired flow. HowdyGo saves all interactions in HTML format.
  • Personalized share links: Share your branded interactive demo using personalized links or by embedding it directly in your emails or website.
  • Analytics: Get insights into prospect engagement by tracking demo views and sending data to your CRM tools. Analyze conversion and completion rates across your demos to identify areas for improvement.
  • Integrated CTA forms: Collect lead information through integrated CTA forms, which are sent directly to your CRM, ensuring that marketing-qualified leads are readily available to your sales team.


HowdyGo pricing starts from $49/month for unlimited HTML recordings and unlimited users.

Visit this page to learn more about HowdyGo pricing.

4. Saleo: best for demos with real-time personalization

Saleo, founded in 2021, is a newcomer to the sales demo software market. It lets sales and product teams build personalized demos that cater to the unique requirements of prospects.

Despite its recent entry into the market, it's gaining popularity, thanks to its capability to edit all elements of your SaaS product demos, including text, images, tables, and even graphs.

Saleo features

  • Hyper personalization: Saleo Live allows you to modify graphs, charts, and various aspects of your software's data presentation in real-time, providing complete control over your demo's appearance.
  • Demo library: Create and save a collection of live product demos tailored to different industries, segments, or customer profiles for easy access.
  • Folders and permissions: Use folders to keep your demo library well-organized, categorizing by vertical and use-case. You can also manage permissions to control access and maintain the integrity of your Saleo environment.


Saleo pricing isn’t publicly available, but you can schedule a demo here.

5. Tourial: best for marketing demos using screenshots and videos

Tourial helps marketers create self-guided product tours. Some companies even use it to train new employees on their products. Tourial operates through a Chrome extension, focusing on capturing screenshots and videos instead of HTML and CSS elements. This approach is particularly well-suited for SaaS applications with intricate workflows.

Tourial features

  • Browser extension: You can create your SaaS demos via Tourial’s Chrome extension by taking high-quality screenshots and video recordings. Download the Tourial Chrome extension here.
  • Analytics: Tourial lets you dive into buyer intent levels, showing you which parts of your Tourials prospects find most interesting, and how effective your demos are in driving conversions.
  • Streamlined lead capture: Simplify lead capture by integrating forms directly into your demos, making it easy to collect leads and channel them into your SaaS marketing automation platform.


Tourial pricing isn’t publicly available, but you can get a demo here.

6. Demostack: best for pre-sales, sales, and marketing teams

Demostack is a product demo tool that presales teams use to create demos. One of the great things about Demostack is how its cloning technology acts as a helpful bridge between your frontend and backend. This means you won't have to dive into all the nitty-gritty backend complexities.

Demostack features

  • Cloning: Simplify your backend work with Demostack’s cloning technology, which acts as a bridge between your front-end and back-end. It learns from your back-end's browser responses and replays them, making it easy to demonstrate your product's features.
  • Multimedia: Spice up your product demos with images and videos to create engaging product tours.
  • Analytics: Keep tabs on demo activity, like who's interested in your deal and which features matter most to your prospects.


Demostack pricing isn’t publicly available, but you can get a demo here.

7. Reprise: best for enterprise teams to create demos with code-level customization

Reprise is a product demo software tool that mainly caters to enterprise sales and marketing teams. What makes Reprise more sophisticated than most demo software is its advanced capability to clone your entire application's core functionality right down to the code level.

Reprise features

  • Code-level capture: Create a secure demo environment for your sales team by replicating your application's code. Modify HTML or include your own Javascript to enhance your demo presentation.
  • Demo templates: Generate demo templates based on specific use cases, industries, or user profiles.
  • Powerful editing capabilities: Edit, personalize, and transform the appearance of your SaaS demo with Reprise's comprehensive editing tools. Showcase your product exactly as you wish by editing charts, adding data, changing images, creating animations, inserting videos, and more.
  • Analytics: Gain insights into individual user interactions with the ability to monitor screens viewed, time spent on each screen, and where users exit the demo. Receive notifications when prospects open custom sharing links, providing information about their engagement with your content.


Reprise pricing isn’t publicly available, but you can schedule a demo here.

8. Navattic: best for embedding demos on websites or sharing with prospective clients

Navattic is a sales enablement solution that helps marketing and sales teams build and share SaaS product demos. What sets Navattic apart as one of the most respected interactive product demo software is its user-friendly demo creation environment. Thanks to its no-code flow builder, you can turn your SaaS app into an interactive story and customize any element (texts and images) you want.

  • Checklists: Allow buyers to tailor their experience by offering customizable checklists, which allow them to handpick the features or aspects of the demo that pique their interest.
  • Advanced customization: Modify text and images, and blur or remove elements on any screen to tidy up demos or tailor them for specific customers.
  • Demo sharing: You have the flexibility to choose to embed, personalize, or optimize your demo links for mobile devices, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.


Navattic’s pricing kicks off at $600/month for unlimited licenses, interactive demos, and demo views. Visit this page to learn more about Navattic pricing.

9. Arcade: best for sales teams with budget constraints

Arcade is another solid interactive demo software that was founded in 2020. It works by automatically stitching screen recordings, videos, images, clicks, and scrolls to make your product story more engaging. Plus, you can kick off your recordings right from its Chrome extension.

Arcade features

  • Browser extension: Arcade simplifies creating product demos by automatically combining screen recordings, videos, and images via its extension. Download the Arcade Chrome browser here.
  • Pan, zoom, and blurring: Focus your audience's attention on key product details using pan and zoom, and hide private info by adding a blur overlay.
  • Synthetic audio: Enhance the audio experience within your Arcade by adding synthetic audio. It enables you to infuse your presentations with narrated voiceovers that sound entirely natural.
  • Analytics: Gain a deeper understanding of how viewers interact with your product demo by tracking key metrics such as viewer count, play rate, completion rate, click-through rates for calls to action (CTAs), and the average duration of playtime.


Just like Storylane and Supademo, Arcade offers a free plan enabling you to create up to 3 product demos, which is quite generous. Arcade's premium plans start at $32/month and grant you access to unlimited demos along with the ability to blur certain elements in your demos.

Learn more about Arcade pricing here.

10. Demoboost: best for live demos and guided product tours

Demoboost serves as a demo creation tool for building engaging SaaS product demo videos. Its main focus is to assist sales teams in showcasing the functionality, features, and value of their software to potential customers. 

Demoboost features

  • Built-in A/B testing: Enhance your marketing demos by identifying which CTAs within your demos generate the most engagement.
  • Multimedia support: Elevate the appeal of your demos from mundane to visually captivating by adding images, videos, or voice narration using the Demoboost demo creation platform.
  • Analytics: Demoboost offers comprehensive analytics, including demo view counts, unique users, demo usage, session duration, completion rates, and user-rated demo averages.


Demoboost pricing isn't available on their website but you can book a demo here.

Final words

I've reviewed 10 interactive demo software options that can improve your product demonstrations. These handy solutions help break down complex ideas, allowing potential customers to see firsthand how your product can benefit them.

By tailoring the demos to suit different use cases, they not only make the sales process smoother but also more engaging. So, why not dive in and give these solutions a whirl for yourself?

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