The bold statement was made by Emad Mostaque, the founder and CEO of Stability AI, during a recent interview.

Mostaque sees the future molded by the radical influence of artificial intelligence, and he anticipates AI having a progressively controlling hand in shaping our reality.

GitHub data bolsters Mostaque's viewpoint, indicating a surprising 41% of all existing code is birthed from AI.

Stable Diffusion, Stability AI's open-source image generator, has soared in popularity on GitHub in just a quarter of a year, outperforming well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. These figures underscore the escalating significance and attraction of AI.

Mostaque hopes to construct the foundational elements for a "society OS", an all-encompassing AI structure that can be tailored to echo individual narratives and viewpoints.

Forecasting the future, Mostaque anticipates a dramatic shift in communication and the way we access information.

He thinks that, in a year's time, we'll see AI models like ChatGPT directly incorporated into our smartphones, thus eliminating the requirement for an internet connection. This could radically alter our conversational dynamics and open doors to new opportunities.

Is there a software developer shortage?
The recent reshuffling in the tech industry (after a period of growth during the pandemic) has led to layoffs but, despite that, it appears there’s a real shortage of software developers – or shortage of skilled developers.

Although AI's rapid evolution raises questions about its societal impact, Stability AI is confronting these challenges head-on. By decentralizing AI and making it available to individuals and communities, the firm strives to ensure that AI technologies act in favor of people rather than to their detriment.

Mostaque stresses Stability AI's dedication to transparency and the democratization of AI access, as showcased by their decision to open-source their large language models.

Job security is another contentious topic with AI's rise. Nevertheless, Mostaque shares a hopeful perspective, as he views AI as a tool that amplifies human potential rather than a menace that supplants humans.

In Mostaque's opinion, by arming humans with crucial information, AI has the capacity to revolutionize the world for the better.

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