Our Ambassador program is perfect for developer marketers, DevRel pros, developer community managers, product marketers, and more, who want to increase their personal brand and visibility in developer marketing...

...As well as connect with your peers, host events, contribute to our ever-growing library of content, and more.

But there isn't a one-size-fits-all. We understand everyone has different preferences, so our program can be customized to be what you want.

Here's what Katie Miller, Developer Marketing leader and Developer Relations Advisor at Data Protocol, has to say about her experience as an Ambassador for Developer Marketing Alliance. 👇

About Katie Miller

Katie Miller is a Developer Marketing leader and currently advising Data Protocol, after having built and managed developer programs and marketing initiatives for Slack, Asana, and Google. While her career has taken some interesting twists and turns (dental school admissions, cookbook editing to name a few), at its core has been a commitment to creating a better world by empowering people through knowledge and connection.

When not working from her guest room, Katie spends her time running (both competitively and after her kids and cats), volunteering on political campaigns and at the kids' school, and is always on the lookout for the best lavender latte!

How did you find about our ambassador program?

I saw the opportunity shared within the DMA Slack community

What inspired you to join?

Through my Developer Marketing experience, I’ve seen the benefits that community and champions programs can provide to both participants and to companies.

I was thrilled to see this type of programming become available to Developer Marketers, and to have a clear way to shape the professional practice, inspire and mentor peers, and influence the Developer Marketing Alliance.

Has our ambassador program lived up to expectations?

Through content opportunities, meetups, and listening sessions, I’ve found that the program has allowed me to have community and organizational impact and to grow as a practitioner and leader.

Why did our program stand out above market alternatives?

The professional community opportunities within Developer Marketing have really just started to flourish over the last 5 or so years.

This was a unique opportunity to be an early participant in a program that is really aiming to shape and grow the practice of Developer Marketing.

What do you find most valuable about it?

The program offers multiple ways to give back - events, different content formats - that allow participants to lean in based on strengths, interests, and bandwidth. 

How have you used the free Pro membership you get as an ambassador?

I’ve appreciated being able to access the deep content repository, including past event content.

In what ways have you contributed as an ambassador (and what have you learned from it)?

I’ve presented and been an emcee at Developer Marketing Summits (in-person and virtual), participated in the podcast, hosted a meetup, been a peer reviewer on course content, and am active in the DMA Slack channels. 

The experience has allowed me to expand my network, learn from peers, and give back to a profession that has given so much to me. 

Would you recommend others to join the program?

I would recommend the program to Developer Marketing leaders looking to shape and give back to the profession.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to become an ambassador?

The program is as strong as the effort ambassadors can give, so keep in mind bandwidth and priorities when applying. It’s a great opportunity - and responsibility - to nurture and grow our professional practice and our peer community!

Still not sure about becoming a Developer Marketing Alliance Ambassador? It's only a 6-month commitment, plus you get so many perks and benefits:

🎖6 months free annual Pro membership.


💡 Access to an exclusive network
📚 Early access to reports
📝 Early access to new courses
🎖Reputable stamp on CV
🧑‍🏫 Special rates across all products
🖥️ Free access to our virtual events
📢 Reciprocal promotion on socials
🎯 Input into shaping the future of DMA
🌐 Ambassador networking opportunities

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