Become the MVP of developer relations today!

Developer relations (DevRel) is pivotal because more traditional marketing tactics don’t cut it when you want to attract and engage developers.

This persona has unique needs and pain points, and are savvy to marketing strategies – so, a more specialized approach is needed.

This is where The Developer Relations Playbook comes in.

It’s packed with insights, strategies, and insider tips, and it’s your roadmap to cracking the DevRel code.

If you’re already a Developer Marketing Alliance member, you can get the playbook here (no form-filling required 😉).

See The Developer Relations Playbook as your personal coach to:

🤝 Fostering meaningful connections with developers.

🔐 Unlocking the full potential of your developer community.

🚣 Navigating challenges and opportunities in the rapidly-evolving tech landscape.

🤕 Pinpointing developer problems and learn how to address them.

🤑 Saving time, money, and effort.

All of this is wrapped up in insights from, and created in collaboration with, experienced DevRels like:

  • Aditya Tripathi, Principal Product Marketing Manager at Elastic
  • Chris Riley, Sr. Manager, Developer Relations at Hubspot
  • Deepak Kumar, CEO at Doc-E-ai
  • Katie Miller, Director of Developer Marketing at Slack
  • Sara Waszyńska, Product Lead at Advocu
  • Viktorija Ignatavičiūtė, Sr. Community Lead at SlashData
  • Zach Goldie, Positioning Consultant

Discover the power of building rock-solid relationships with developers and take your company to the next level with this must-read guide!