The Developer Marketing Alliance community is your hub for everything developer marketing. Here, you can stay on top of the latest in the industry, get answers to your most pressing questions, network with both marketers and developers, and so much more.

But we never get complacent – we're always striving to improve the community, which is why we're currently at 1,600+ members! We also asked Katie Miller, Developer Marketing Leader, for feedback about her experience in our Slack channel.

Here's what she has to say. 👇

About Katie Miller

My tl:dr is that I am a mother, runner, and tech marketer, in no particular order.

My career has had many interesting twists and turns, from dental school admissions and life coaching, to cookbook editing and agency training programs, and now the last decade+ leading global developer programs at companies such as Google, Asana, and Slack.

There’s been a constant through line, though, which is building programs and experiences that connect people to the information they need to make good decisions and be successful.

Beyond tech marketing, I volunteer on political campaigns, coach middle school track and cross country, chair an independent school board, and run a lot (including after 2 middle schoolers and 3 cats!).

Katie also has great insights into how developer marketers can successfully manage their career in the long-term. Check it out:

‎DevMar Debugged Podcast: Katie Miller | Long-term career management for marketers on Apple Podcasts
‎Show DevMar Debugged Podcast, Ep Katie Miller | Long-term career management for marketers - Jun 2, 2023

Why the Developer Marketing Alliance Slack channel?

I was so happy to find my people, and to have a space to connect, learn, share (and sometimes kvetch and commiserate!). Often, developer marketers are teams of one or two, and have an uphill battle for attention and resources.

To have a place to go to gut check ideas, share victories and challenges, and simply support one another, is incredibly powerful!

How does the community help you?

One word: validation(ish). To know we’re on the right track with programs and campaigns…and in the case of the “ish” if there are tweaks and enhancements to make to bring work to the next level!

What do you like most about our Slack community?

The thoughtfulness of the engagements – folks genuinely want to connect, share, and support one another across all backgrounds and experiences.

The community gets that we’re better, together!

Would you recommend the Developer Marketing Alliance community to other people? Why?

Absolutely! Folks join communities for different reasons, and DMA offers something for everyone: job listings, resources, event opportunities, space to ask questions (and share answers) and genuine opportunities to get to know each other.

You can be as active and present as you wish, and still gain from it!

What’s exciting you about the community in the future?

Simply put, having a virtual, professional home in a dynamic, chaotic, rapidly innovating tech landscape.

Whether it be economically-fueled staffing decisions, reacting and responding to new priorities in strategic and meaningful ways, or figuring out thoughtful content plans across a seemingly endless array of platforms, it’s just easier to do when you are connected to folks going through the exact same thing.

Any final thoughts?

A community is what the community makes it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, toot your own horn, share ideas, and make connections.

From meetups and Customer Advisory Boards to Ambassador programs and job listings, AMAs, and so much more, being part of our Slack community opens up a world of opportunities!

If you haven't joined already, what are you waiting for?

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