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“The Developer Marketing Alliance is a timely and strategic addition to The Alliance's portfolio of professional learning communities. From the outset, they've created a vibrant and connected space for learning and networking, and growing the global community of developer marketing practitioners and leaders."”

- Katie Miller, Director of Developer Marketing, Slack
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Lots of love, from lots of developer marketers. 💜

"This is one of the best courses I've seen that teaches holistic developer marketing. It's great for newbies and marketing veterans that not well versed with marketing to a technical audience."

-Kushal Khandelwal, Senior Lead Product Marketing at CometChat

"As developer marketers, we're usually the ones creating community and leading events, so it was a real gift to have the time and space to build community among ourselves! We're all aiming to reach similar goals and solve common challenges, and is energizing to feel like we're all in it together, and not in silos figuring it out on our own."

-Katie Miller, Director of Developer Marketing, Slack