Developer personas are crucial in product and developer marketing – however, sometimes, you’ll find that developers aren’t your only target audience.

But how can you make sure you’re targeting the right people?

William Chia, VP of Marketing at Styra, chats to us about this all-important topic in this episode of DevMar Debugged.

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‎Show DevMar Debugged Podcast, Ep William Chia | When is a developer not a developer? - Jan 13, 2023
William Chia | When is a developer not a developer?
Listen to this episode from DevMar Debugged Podcast on Spotify. William Chia is the VP of Marketing at Styra and, in this episode of DevMar Debugged, he chats to us about the developer persona - and those occasions when developers aren’t the only target audience. Sponsored by Catchy.

Key talking points

  • What are developer personas?
  • Cases when developers may not be the target audience
  • Which personas should you look at and why?
  • Benefits of marketing to non-technical audiences
  • Choosing the right personas for your product

About the guest

William Chia has worked with software engineers, people in legal compliance, risk and security, and marketers. Over his career, he’s been a software engineer himself, as well as a product marketer and a product manager.

He’s worked with software DevTools, such as tools design for Linux sysadmins.

William has worked at companies like Twilio, GitLab, and Osano, and is currently the VP of Marketing at Styra.

Since he’s a software developer, the topic of developer personas is near and dear to his heart.

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