Developer Marketing Rewind | Vol. 1


Hit the rewind button and look through the highlights of five of our most informative, thought-provoking talks – handpicked just for you, and packed into an ebook you can reference whenever you want.

You’ll find insights from expert developer marketers on topics as diverse as developer relations, content strategies, and developer personas.

And if you were there, this is the perfect opportunity to re-learn from your favorite sessions, led by an impressive bunch of dev marketers!

Who’s included?

  • Ginevra Mambretti (Product Marketing Manager at Square), Jeremy Castile (VP of Product Marketing at GitKraken), & Nishanth Kadiyala (Senior Product Manager at Walmart Connect)
  • Liz Moy, Developer Advocate Lead at Evervault
  • Jess Petrella, Director of Product Marketing at Unbounce
  • Ridhima Kapoor, Developer Marketing Manager at Amazon Web Services
  • Mario Viviani, Manager of Developer Relations at NVIDIA Omniverse

A taste of what to expect:

  • Canary test your messaging and other best practices for marketing to developers
  • Get into the developer mindset
  • User profiles: How to introduce a new technical audience to your company
  • The art of storytelling for community engagement
  • What success looks like in DevRel: define meaningful goals

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