AMA with Chris Riley: Developer content


🎙️ What’s the AMA about?

Developer content! We’ve all heard developers are a tough nut to crack, so getting insights and tips from an expert with 15 years of experience is sure to help you create killer content aimed at developers – and improve your marketing strategies!

In this four-part podcast series, Chris Riley, Sr. Manager of Developer Relations at Hubspot, delivered lots of know-how and thought-provoking insights on the topic.

So, we had to share this AMA with you in podcast format because the session really highlighted the challenges that developer marketers face and what they can do to succeed.

🧑‍💼 Who’s Chris Riley?

In his own words, a bad-coder-turned-technology-advocate! As the Sr. Manager of Developer Relations at Hubspot, he understands the challenges and needs of modern engineers, as well as how technology fits into the business goals of companies in a demanding high-tech world.

For years, Chris has been selling to, designing for, and supporting software developers. He started his career as a software dev himself, but soon realized his passion was helping external developers succeed at building their own solutions.

He went from a heads-down developer for a SDK shipped on CD-roms, to dabbling in all aspects of go-to-market for software developers including product management, product marketing, support and sales. All of these are the essence of what has become developer relations (DevRel).

📽️ Here’s the first episode as a freebie

In this first session, Chris talks about how developer marketing differs from traditional marketing, as well as:

  • Typical developer traits,
  • The type of content that resonates with devs,
  • Meeting expectations,
  • And more!

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What else does Chris talk about? As a Developer Marketing Alliance member, you also get access to the other episodes, with cover Chris’ extensive knowledge and experience of:

  • How to create developer content that works
  • Metrics you need to use to measure success
  • Tips and insights on how to create a marketing strategy for your developer content