Developer Marketing Salary and Landscape Survey for 2024

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Welcome to our Developer Marketing Salary and Landscape Survey, where you can have your say about key trends in the industry and share transparent and anonymous salary information to discover if you’re being paid fairly.

Our goal?

To create two industry reports that provide you with a clear picture of the state of developer marketing and of your salary right now.

  • All-new Developer Marketing Salary Report
  • State of Developer Marketing Report 2024/25

Our previous reports are packed full of insights, expert contributions, and opinions by experts in the field, allowing you to compare and contrast your experiences (including challenges, responsibilities, and KPIs)—and you can expect our upcoming version to do the same.

Plus, we’ll share key salary trends to help you negotiate your next pay rise, and both our reports aim to save you time, money, and effort on your strategies. It’ll also provide a glimpse into what your competitors are up to.

If you only fill out one survey this year, make sure it’s this one.

What you can expect…

Not sure what to expect from these upcoming reports? Here’s the breakdown. 👇

Salary Report

🔎 Benchmark your salary against other developer marketing professionals in similar industries, regions, and roles.

🗺️ Map out your next career move and earmark a suitable pay packet.

⚖️ Discover whether you’re being paid your worth.

🤝 Negotiate your next salary with confidence.

State of Developer Marketing

👀 Identify whether your roles and responsibilities line up with your job title.

📏 Learn what metrics and KPIs other professionals are measured on.

🤖 Discover the impact of AI in the industry and on developer marketing roles.

🤕 Check out how developer communities are helping marketers, and what the most common developer pain points are.


🙅 Will I need to provide my name and contact details?

No, the survey doesn’t require your personal information. Your company name and email address are optional.

💡 What’s in it for me?

The more responses we receive from product and developer marketing professionals, the more accurate our insights can be. Which means you get the most reliable data into the industry.

📚 How can I see the final reports?

  • We’ll announce the launch of our reports on our social channels (LinkedIn, Slack, X) and to our email list. We’ll also send them directly to everyone who’s participated and left their email.
  • The reports will also be featured on the site and you can download them for free.
  • If you want to make sure you don’t miss the launch of our reports, join our mailing list.
  • Finally, you can also access all our reports, playbooks, etc. in your membership dashboard. Become a Pro or Pro+ member if you aren’t already.