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September 22, 2023

This week at the Developer Marketing Alliance...

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Pro+ is the pinnacle professional development experience, combining the enviable ensemble of resources from pro membership with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills gained from our certifications.

🔥 Hot off the press 🔥

How to effectively market your B2B SaaS product to developers

Alan Gleeson, CEO and CO-Founder of Content, has excellent insights into the strategies you can use to attract developers to your SaaS product or platform. 👾

Going beyond relations: Exploring the rise of developer experience

If you want to learn how the developer experience can support sales and marketing, then Sidney Maestre, VP of Developer Relations at APIMatic, has exactly what you need. 🕵️

🚀  Want to get involved?  🚀

We’ve been speaking with our ambassadors to create regular virtual panels and webinars for you all – If you have ideas on topics or would like to be involved – let us know!

We've started planning our meetups for the year! If you are interested in running a meetup either in-person or virtual, please let Niki Behjou know.

We’re also looking for expert contributions to our growing content library. Let Teresa Garanhel know – via Slack or email if you’re interested in:

✍️Writing an article
🎙️Participating in our podcast

👥 Events 👥

Our Developer Marketing Summit in San Francisco is well underway!

We always have something going on so, if you were unable to attend this summit, you can look forward to upcoming virtual events.

More details to follow. 😉

🕺Community Events 🕺

Check out what we have coming up...

🎥 How to use the Community Commitment Curve to architect community engagement
October 11 | Live online | 9:00 am PDT
📮 RSVP here

☕ DMA Coffee Break️
October 19 | Live online | 5:00 pm BST
📮 RSVP here

Want to start a meetup for the Developer Marketing Alliance? Let’s do it! Get in touch with Niki Behjou to start one. 🚀

📚 Courses 📚

Why not learn something new today?

Developers are notorious for blocking out marketing content and messages, so it's important to get your digital marketing right from the get-go.

That's why we built Digital Developer Marketing Certified. 📚

The curriculum is full of tips designed to help you reach and engage developers, teaching you how to build and leverage channels to skyrocket your developer growth.

If you want the tools and confidence to market developer-facing content successfully, this course is for you. Perfect for DevRel professionals, developer advocates, content marketers, technical writers, and product marketers in technology companies selling to developers. Nail your developer marketing content with the right tools and strategies.

📚4+ hours of OnDemand content

📑6 templates

📝Actionable coursework

Boost your content marketing skills with this course designed to give you the tools, strategies, and confidence you need to market to developers.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned professional, this program will help you break down the complexities of developer marketing and offer all the tools and knowledge to attract and retain developers.

💪Truly understand what developer marketing is and why it matters in a world so reliant on tech.

⚒️Successfully introduce a developer program to a company.

🧠Grasp the function of developer relations and its role in forging strong developer communities and advocates.

Want to gain a deeper understanding of developers and know what makes them tick? This course will give your research skills that all important boost and show you how to successfully think like a developer.

🧠 Gain a deeper knowledge of your audience.

🤝 Make the most of your developer community.

🧑‍💻 Master the art of engaging with developers (including pain points and advocacy).

🎤  Talking points  🎤

💬 Teresa Garanhel asks how you prioritize budget allocation in your marketing campaigns. Let her know!

💬 Tytti Hyysalo wants to know how the use of APIs and SDKs can be marketed to developers to encourage innovation. Share your insights!

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