Developer Marketing Tools of Choice 2022 survey

Developer Marketing

The Developer Marketing Tools of Choice 2022 report will showcase the most popular tools used by developer marketing pros worldwide – but, first, we need your help.

Take the survey and highlight the unsung heroes that make your day-to-day easier, help you save money and time, improve your marketing tactics, and so much more.

Which tools do you reach for first?

What platforms can’t you live without?

What’s your ultimate tech stack?

Let us know your go-to tools and help other developer marketers – no matter their experience or company size – level up their marketing ops.

With your insight, the report will provide:

💪 A comprehensive directory of the most awesome developer marketing tools money can buy.

⚒️ The powerful tools developer marketer pros use every day to generate value in their org.

👀 An extensive (and eye-opening) list of ‘alternative’ tools your teams can use to beat the competition.

Which tool will you vote for? 🤔