While we’re getting ready to launch our second report, the Developer Marketing Tools of Choice, we can already reveal a few insights gathered from over 160 respondents to whet the appetite.

Below, you can find twelve tools (one for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas 😉) that developer marketers can’t seem to get enough of – we hope they help you as much as they seem to help our respondents!

1. Copper

2. Mindtickle

3. airfocus

4. Asana

5. Userflow

6. Keyhole

7. Semrush

8. Instruqt

9. Miro

10. Bloomreach

11. HubSpot

12. Advocu

And here it is, a curated list of tools that might strike your fancy – and be exactly what you need for your day-to-day tasks. We’ve got plenty more to showcase, as the report has fourteen sections full of developer marketing tools, as well as 2023 predictions.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  1. Customer Relationship Management tools
  2. Content Management Systems
  3. Learning Management Systems
  4. Sales enablement tools
  5. Roadmapping tools
  6. Project management tools
  7. Adoption and onboarding tools
  8. Social listening tools
  9. SEO tools
  10. Demo automation tools
  11. Collaboration tools
  12. User tracking, analytics and measurement tools
  13. Email marketing tools
  14. Community management and engagement tools
  15. 2023 tool trends

While you wait for this report to launch, why not download your FREE copy of our State of Developer Marketing 2022 Report?

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